Friday, December 10, 2010

seven facts and red alerts!

Many thanks to architect-cum-blogger Sandhyaa for passing on the stylish blogger award to us.
She is a foodie like us specializing in junk food... and if you want to know more about her -along with her stylish self; do check 5WALL without fail. However, there are some details to be taken care of while accepting the award. We are to reveal 7 facts about us and pass on the award to 7 other bloggers, so here we go...

Seven facts
about us:
1. We are going on a vacation together (very soon).
2. We went to Mysore for our first anthropological field-work.
3. We have friends and colleagues from very many ethnic groups.
4. We don't miss out on the rock concerts (in Shillong).
5. We like going on hikes every now and then.
6. We enjoy eating at Snow Lion.
7. We live across the hall. (ow yes, you already knew that if you read about us on the upper left corner of our blog;)

Seven bloggers we think are stylish: (although some of you have probably already received this award from other bloggers)
1. Tanvii (of course) from The Fabulous Life of
Not-So-Rich and Infamous
2. Dusk (altho sandhyaa already gave it to u) from the DUSK zone
3. Che from
Dressing Up For Me
4. Karishma from
Purple Peeptoes
5. Tamanna from French Leave
6. Vix from
Vintage Vixen
7. A grad student from
what would a nerd wear

...and today we have some red alerts for our outfit post. Enjoy ém!